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Music videos from Spain, Dublin and 1929

Blood on my Knuckles

Shot by Phil Rose. I wrote this song for Bitter Little Cowboy, a country band I had with Jack Cawley and Neil Farrell. 

Barry McGovern does the spoken bit. That's Beckett Country. 

Nuts and Bolts

Written and sung by Sarah Kinlen. We wanted to do something for the Marriage Referendum, however small and oblique. 

I think it's a beautiful song, and I like Sarah's near-success at hiding how cold she is. 

Ode to Redheads

Sarah again. After the water of our first video, we chose a fire them for the second. 

We haven't got round to earth and air yet. 


The Pixies didn't need or ask me to make a video, but I wanted to learn the editing software and Un Chien Andalou was out of copyright.


I can't remember where I got the captions. ​I'd change them now. That sequence should be more panicky, with too much information to take in. But it was useful training exercise. 

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