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Pull the Clouds Over Me

I wanted to write a cheery love song, so obviously the first words had to be "I want to die." And it had to be about, I guess... a suicidal boxer?

Anyway, it's pretty.


It's arranged here for keyboard, low-key drums, and a trio of French horn, clarinet and trumpet. I'd like to hear it a little faster, with a more traditional band line-up. 

I want to die before my time is here

I want to lie down in the green spring of the year

And pull the clouds over me


Deep down the undercard where I was born

They promised me a rose for every thorn

Then pulled out the clouds over me


Can't face another round with hope and fear

Go start the aftershow, boys - my ride is here

To pull the clouds over me


Oh, meeting you

After all that I've been through

Was like the sun coming out of the rain

And needing you

Like I told you I would do

Means we'll never be losers again


I bite the canvas and the count begins

You're by the corner bell before they get to ten

Oh baby, pull the clouds over me

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