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All cup and no honey

Everything on this site is a placeholder now. Sorry about that. 

Education suffered

BA in English and Philosophy from National University of Ireland, Galway.

BA in Latin and Classical Greek from

Trinity College, Dublin. 

PhD in Latin. Topic: Petrarch's Africa as a veiled critique of Virgil. Supervisor: Prof Anna Chahoud. 


Education inflicted

English as a foreign language, Spain. 

Scriptwriting and story construction, RTE. 

Beginners' and Intermediate Latin, TCD extra-mural. 

Ancient Greek, TCD extra-mural.

TCD Fellow in Classical Outrach and founder of the Trinity Latin Project.


Non-foundation scholarship, TCD 2006. 

Bishop Berkeley Gold Medal, TCD 2007.


Vice Chancellor's Medal, TCD 2008. 


Long Room Hub scholarship, TCD 2009-12.  

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