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High Electric Stars

This is an indie-pop love song intended for a female singer. I like to write for specific people, whether I know them or not. This time I had the Korean singer Taeyon in mind. I think she likes a certain kind of lyrical simplicity, and the movement of look/love/leave in the three verses is something she could put across. 


I like the note of independence too.

I said if you looked at me

I would fall down and die

And my heart could stop beating

And my veins could run dry           


Then you looked my way

And the sky was a Christmas tree

Of high electric stars


Then I said if you loved me

I would fall down and die

And the earth could stop turning

And the world pass me by


Then we fell in love

And the sky was a Christmas tree 

Of high electric stars


Living with the feeling that my life was going nowhere

had me driving with my eyes closed,

Diving from the high board.

Waking every morning to another round of nothing

I could break down and cry

For high electric stars


Now I know if you leave me

I won't fall down and die

And I won't try to hold you

I won't even ask why


I'll remember the nights 

When the sky was a Christmas tree

of high electric stars...

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