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Recession Trilogy: three Dublin films about the crash

The Ballsbridge Poisoner (2013)

I wrote and produced this. It was directed by Clive Arnold, and features Eimear O'Sullivan in the lead. 

We shot most of the action in and around the Long Room Hub in Trinity, where I was studying at the time. 

It screened at various festivals around Ireland, and was shortlisted for the Best Film award in Offaly. 

Dinner for One (2012)

Dialogue comes easy to me, as to many directors who start as writers. I wanted to make a silent film, to sharpen my visual sense and to focus the conflict onto something so fundamental it would work without words. 

The cinematographer again is John Fay, a frequent collaborator. He is particularly good with light and shadow, and he gives this a richness which belies it's three-pack-of-Tayto budget. 

Dirty Money (2011)

Silence again. This was a training piece for Filmbase, and the first film I directed. The script is a beautiful simple conceit by Conor Keehan. The crew were all Filmbase students, and Bryan Murray gave it some stardust. 

"If you want to make films and you're based in Ireland, I couldn't recommend FilmBase highly enough," I said when I first put this up. Sadly Filmbase has since closed. You're on your own now.  

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