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That Devil Cocaine

I wonder if the treatment here puts too much weight on a very  simple song. But it was fun to do. (Later: It did. I took it down.)

The intro and interlude chords are Eb5 and C5. Everything else is C, F and G, except for one Cmaj7 at the end. 


There is no Henri Delaunay that anyone would do a thesis on. The friend is studying either Robert or Sonia. I made the mistake the first time I recorded it. It seemed to be in character, so I kept it. 

I've included the original demo, recorded immediately after writing the song. You can hear how hammered I am, and how hilarious I found myself. 

A friend of mine had a friend to stay

She was doing a thesis on Henri Delaunay

She had some cocaine and she gave me a line

And it was fine fine fine fine fine


I talked a lot about things I was going to do

Some of the plans were genuine

Some were completely untrue

I was going to write a mystery novel

that dispensed with the letter e

I was all me me me me me


I decided that we were in the mood

For me to explain the constellations from the balcony

in the nude

Orion and the Plough were the only two I could find

I didn't mind mind mind mind mind


Twenty minutes later we were shivering and slightly blue

My balls had disappeared entirely

She was starting a flu

Then a neighbour looked up

And rang my friend to complain

O curse that devil cocaine

Curse that devil cocaine

That Devil Cocaine DEMOKevin McGee
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