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Who I think I am

I'm a songwriter, language teacher and scriptwriter. I've written for television and newspapers, won awards for poetry and plays, and toured as a drummer and bassist. I've also made a few short films, which you can watch here

Work I won't be digging up includes periods as a music critic, jazz DJ, crossword compiler, history columnist, topical poet, sitcom consultant, astrologer (I know) and house satirist for an entertainment weekly. A typical freelance, in short. 

I started as a playwright, and I still return to theatre when I can afford to earn theatre wages. I acted in Sophocles' Electra, the first original-language Greek tragedy in Ireland for over a century, for example, and in 2016 I directed a cast that included First Lady Sabina Higgins in the centenary production of James Connolly's only surviving play. 


I'm currently the Trinity College Fellow in Classical Outreach, tasked with bringing ancient learning out of the college and into the wider world. If you want to learn Latin or Greek, drop me a line. I also study songwriting at BIMM, and occasionally turn up at acoustic sessions in Dublin and elsewhere.

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